Zach Schroeder

Zach has been our fearless leader since the beginning. He has an incredible heart to develop leaders for Jesus. As we have grown in Madisonville Zach focuses on the next steps of the organization. Helping us figure out where God is calling us to, and what  that looks like.

Travis Banks

Travis is the real unsung leader of our Madisonville trip. As we continue to focus on growing our organization it has become vital for Travis to step in and lead the trip. Travis is an exceptional leader who constantly sacrifices to help those around him. He has been involved in the organization since the beginning. He has a background in youth ministry. He is a phenomenal communicator, and really knows how to connect with the next generation. There is no doubt we would not be able to serve the Madisonville community nearly as well without Travis.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff has been the main force behind our training materials and devotionals. Jeff wears a lot of hats, but focuses on writing materials for our volunteers, helping them dive deeper into the word of God and to become better leaders.

Bryce Cole

Bryce is our rock star. Every year he puts together our worship team. Every night on the trip he helps us connect to the holy spirit through worship. We have grown from using a djembe and acoustic singing on the first year to an incredible worship experience. In this environment it is easier to avoid distractions and focus on connecting with the Holy Spirit. Without a doubt our worship would be far worse without Bryce.

Chris Spence

Chris was our first full time employee. In November of 2018 he transitioned into a Volunteer Leadership roll. Chris is our "Jack-of-all-trades". He has a sales and fundraising background. He helps us to stay organized, create plans and strategies, organize fundraising events, and coordinates our donor relations.